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Car Key Wont Turn in the Ignition? Here are a few simple solutions!

So you found yourself staring at the steering wheel wondering why wont my key turn? Don’t start worrying yet. Before you even consider calling in the cavalry, here are a few simple things to try first. You’ll be surprised how many calls can be avoided by following these few simple steps.

First and foremost, turn the steering wheel. The most common reason a car key wont turn is of the steering wheel has been locked. TO release the lock simply turn the steering wheel slightly left and right repeatedly until you feel the lock releases. Then try to turn the key again. You will see the wheel only turns to one set side from the lock to open. Key rocking the steering wheel and giggling the key in the ignition until it starts, or until you’re certain this is not the cause.

Another useful tip is to try to lubricate the lock. Simple WD40 is an extremely useful on the go choice for lubrication if you’re stuck and believe the lock simply needs lubrication. On a regular basis we recommend any silicon or graphite based lubricants. In order to lubricate your lock all that you need to do is spray the lubricant into the keyway of the lock. Wipe the excess, insert the key repeatedly, wipe it, and then try turning it and maybe even giggling the key up and down. Repeat this process several times until turns, lubricating is probably not your solution.

In this point we often recommend to gently bump the key with your shoe, a hammer or something of the sort in order to release any jammed pieces inside the mechanism. perhaps a few gentle bumps of the key inside the lock might release any spring or otherwise tiny pieces of the mechanism that are jammed.

If all of this fails it is very possible that the problem is with your key or lock mechanism. In case you have a spare key try that one and see if that fixes the problem. However, if you dont have a spare and unable to make a spare, you’ll might need a replacement key made by a locksmith. If you do have a spare, and the lock still wont change, the issue is most normally with the locking mechanism which requires replacement or repairs don’t by a professional.

If you tries all the above steps and still couldn’t start or turn your ignition, its time to give Proximity Locksmith a call!

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